Not-so mellow yellow.

The design trend 'Colour Blocking' is a striking, brave and fun way to style, this loud and proud attitude to colour involves combining different colors that support and compliment each other, think of your colour wheel, the primary and secondary colors and how these work together harmoniously. This Spring Summer I love the use of bright Yellow within fashion and interiors.

I've chosen to look at ways to use yellow in interiors using current fashion looks as an inspiration to take yellow from the catwalk to the living room.

To start decide on two or three areas to focus your colour block within your interior; a favorite piece of art, feature furniture and/or accessories.

You can mix bold brights with two options based on how brave you are feeling, complimentary brights in Royal Blue, coral orange and teal green, give a dynamic, confident look; While earthy tones, charcoals, smokey grey and rustic browns may interest those looking for a smaller yet vibrant splash of colour to fit in with an existing decor.

Wood and wicker textures will ground the yellow and add depth and contrast to your interior, preventing it from appearing too overpowering.

Help structure your yellow, make it appear clean cut and crisp by pairing it with white, for a chic, contemporary feel.

Create the illusion of space using colour, if you have a long room or perhaps a narrow corridor, putting a block of colour, say Yellow, on the far wall won't just make the space at the end of the room inviting, it will shorten the space to feel wider.

You can also add your block colour to the floor, be it refurbished floorboards or carpet, you can also get some really smart vinyls (yes, i said it) in bright colours.

If you aren't quite ready for putting yellow straight on the walls, adding block colour to textiles is a quick and easy way to transform a neutral space, this may be where you introduce different surfaces using gloss, matt, or semi transparent materials. 

Break up the space with bright accessories as you introduce texture and pattern as opposed to block brights. When it comes to accessorising you may use just one bold colour, in my case yellow or choose to mix elements of several brights using complimentary green, blue and orange. 

Adding bright textiles and accessories also provides the option to continuously update your interior colour palette whenever you wish; highly recommended for those like myself who like to update their interior based on their mood.