In the Press

So the word is out, this new Immunotherapy drug previously touched on by my Oncologist has been given the OK by the FDA and NICE for use in Europe. Meaning we now have a potential option if the drug I'm on should stop working. For the last 6-8 weeks I've gone to bed feeling sick, not sleeping and feeling hopeless as the realisation of what I'm facing sinks in. I'm sure my family and close friends have felt the same but they don't show it, and as for Mark, well he just keeps me going, rarely does he talk to me about him, but I wish he would.

I've fallen apart in front of my counsellor and needless to say I'm writing on here most weeks so things clearly aren't sitting well at the moment. How long can I keep this up? 

Then I read this one morning before work. 


So this means the expensive (better) drug I was told about could actually be happening? 5 years ago if you were diagnosed with Melanoma, there was hardly any treatment. And now there's this? I remember leaving for work that morning feeling elated, relieved, confused, most of all I had my hope back again. 

But as it goes with Cancer, you can never look too far ahead, while there is a possibility I could get this 'Jaw Dropping' treatment (take all words from the Daily Mail with a pinch of salt when it comes to cancer) further down the line. I can't have it without going under treatment with the first drug (the not so good one) first. All this they don't seem to mention, basically you have to become resistant or non responsive to both the drug I am on now, plus Ipimulab before you qualify for the new Pembrolizumab. So a lot of time can pass before you reach it, and in my and many other people's case, time is very precious.

So yes, overall the hope is back, but with a few twists and turns along the way. As it goes I'm hanging onto the good news, and we'll deal with the rest as it comes.